Mary Helen Sheriff 


Book Title: Boop and Eve’s Road Trip

Genre: Southern women’s fiction

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Book Synopsis: Eve Prince is done—with college, with her mom, with guys, and with her dream of fashion design. But when her best friend goes MIA, Eve must gather together the broken threads of her life in order to search for her.

When Eve’s grandmother, Boop, a retiree dripping with Southern charm, finds out about the trip, she—desperate to see her sister, and also hoping to alleviate Eve’s growing depression—hijacks her granddaughter’s road trip. Boop knows from experience that healing Eve will require more than flirting lessons and a Garlic Festival makeover. Nevertheless, Boop is frustrated when her feeble efforts yield the same failure that her sulfur-laced sip from the Fountain of Youth wrought on her age. She knows that sharing the secret that’s haunted her for sixty years might be the one thing that will lessen Eve’s growing depression—but she also fears that if she reveals it, she’ll lose her family and her own hard-won happiness. Boop and Eve’s journey through the heart of Dixie is an unforgettable love story between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

Author Bio: Mary Helen Sheriff is the author of southern women’s fiction, Boop and Eve’s Road Trip.  She is the CEO and a co-founder of Bookish Road Trip, and a blogger at “…the gift of story.” After 14 years in classrooms teaching elementary school, middle school, college, and professionals, Mary has taken a break from the classroom to focus on writing. She has an MFA from Hollins University, an MA from ODU, and a BA from UVA. She lives in Henrico County with her two children, two cats, and one husband. 

Topics for discussion: Family journeys and secrets, intergenerational relationships, the power of understanding, depression, celebrating finding our best selves.

Author’s Notes: Boop and Eve’s Road Trip has earned the following recognition:

American Fiction Award Winner in the coming-of-age category

Pulpwood Queens Book Club August bonus book selection

Montaigne Medal Finalist for thought-provoking books

Eric Hoffer Award Finalist

Zibby Award for “Best Opening Sentence” Nominee

Contact the Author: Email: Phone: 804-683-4561

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